A Very Unmacrobiotic Birthday

So I claimed this entire past weekend for my birthday and had in mind that I could do whatever I wanted. This largely involved food. I figured I could indulge and not feel guilty and have no repercussions. I know, might as well take myself out of time while I’m at it, and I haven’t entirely figured out how to do that just yet. *shifty eyes*

I don’t know what’s worse, the guilt or the repercussions. Probably the guilt.

Yet so far the guilt count is 0 and I’m ignoring all repercussionary twinges. Because doggone it, I was in taste-bud heaven.

Let me tell you, while I love what macrobiotics is doing for me and how much better I feel when not indulging in processed and unpronounceable crap, I still love me some regular food. I had doses of healthier food betimes, but when I say regular food, I mean:

– Three-egg omelets w/tiny ham cubes, onions  & shredded cheddar cheese
– Sausage gravy & biscuits
– Eggs over easy with toast and kielbasa on the side
– Homemade fries with the skins on and a liberal dose of salt’n’pepper
– Fried cheese curds with ranch dressing
– Popcorn chicken
– Chocolate chunk cookies fresh out of the oven

Most of this was served in our own hotel as part of the price. Monstrously unfair.

We did do a lot of walking in the 90F+ weather and got our exercise. Stupid? Maybe. It was a dry heat, mostly. We were well-watered and sunscreened up to the hilt. Evenings dropped to about 84 or so. Nice.

Here’s where we were: Prairie du Chien, WI. One of our favorite places to visit is Villa Louis, the most beautiful cream-city brick Victorian house ever. Another is Wyalusing State Park. And look, you can cross the Mississippi and there you are in Iowa, specifically McGregor, IA, which has fabulous little shops that range from touristy to not at all. We prefer the latter, especially the Victorian dry goods stores and antiques.

Villa Louis, side

Anyway, I survived being heavily unmacrobiotic. But I’m finding I’m rather disinclined to jump right back into the brown rice and soy and tofu and fake!chicken bits.  Is it because salt, grease & wonderfully deep fried foods are seriously addictive? Or did I need this overdose of iodine? How far can I take this justification?? Gaa!

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