Things I Don’t Get, Part I

I feel the need to go shopping.

I don’t know why it hits me now and again with an instant Ooh! Retail Therapy! kind of vibe, but it does, and my mind fills with visions of jewel-toned shirts and my favorite brand of pants and a shoe or four.

In any case, it’s Friday and with that I have the age-old question of “Why?” (and sometimes, “WHAT?”). Enlightenment needed.

Things I Don’t Get (Fashion)

  1. No white after Labor Day. I know that’s mostly debunked by now, but why did it ever start?
  2. And if Labor Day doesn’t matter anymore, why do we have “winter white”?
  3. Do you still need to match your purse and belt to your shoes?
  4. Are high heels seriously worth the bunions, corns, calluses, future varicose veins, stress fractures and osteoarthritis?
  5. Can you really tell yourself that a size 12 in that boutique would be an 8 in a department store?

Just wondering! 🙂

Pic from Asoki

5 thoughts on “Things I Don’t Get, Part I

  1. I never get the random “oo I need to go shopping” anymore because after 5 years of psychotic shopping habits, I realized that I have no money and nothing to show for. Now, if I was with the girls and they all decided to go shopping; it gets me all excited. So basically, I need motivation to go shopping now, it’s either cause I’m broke or just plain lazy.

    I’m going to say yes to number 4. Absolutely worth it. My reasons: 1. I’m short 2. Heels just look better (in my opinion), they give me this feeling of ‘higher importance’ … don’t ask why, they just do.



    • Uh-oh, I never used to get this at all, so maybe I’ve reversed the process and am making up for lost time! Did you break the cycle yourself or did someone else give you a reality check (besides your bank)?

      I’m all for feeling better and ready to take on the world, and looking outstanding while you do it, so more power to you if heels help. Anything 2″ or above just hurts me way too much so I’ll never go that route. Naturally some of the cutest shoes fall in that category. *sigh*


      • Don’t worry, apparently kitten heels are a big deal right now, I’m pretty sure those aren’t any higher than 2″! You’re set!
        I broke the cycle because when I entered university I realized that nobody cares what you are wearing, you don’t get to “show off” new outfits like in high school. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t go to school in sweats or anything, I’m just not as concerned about having the perfect outfit everyday (but the bank thing did hit me pretty damn hard.. haha).


        • I never would have thought of kitten heels!

          I’m eyeing boots again too, though I don’t strictly _need_ boots…sometimes it’s fun just to look. Darn those catalogs I never signed up for.

          Very true about universities: People are more concerned about getting to class. I would dress up for a dance but that’s about it.


  2. I need to add a #6: Why do Juniors’ clothes look so much better than Misses? I’m looking at you, Kohl’s, with your odd emphasis on Misses’ peasanty tops and lumberjack shirts toward the end of the summer.


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