Take charge of your diet–at work!

If you work in almost any type of office, you’re most likely surrounded by food at the most inopportune times. It isn’t always easy to say NO when you’re faced with birthday doughnuts, bagel boxes and the ubiquitous candy jar.

I confess I’m an instigator: I’m supposed to be well into macrobiotics, yet I have been known to bring in large containers of Necco wafers, containers of assorted chocolate and the previously-mentioned Tumbleweeds. Can’t have them at home; they’re not macrobiotic!

There’s no sense in hiding from it: We know our weaknesses all too well. If you’re trying to follow a strict diet or just a healthy eating plan, how do you combat the office goodies? Do you change the well-traveled path to your desk so you won’t pass the cookie jar? Avoid birthdays, team lunches and baby showers? What if a pie-pusher sits next to you? What if it’s your birthday?
Creating your own work & food culture can make dealing with all this easier:

Diet Blog advises to stock up on better food options at your desk, so when the munchies strike, you won’t run to the vending machine.

The Best Life suggests that instead of eating at your desk, take your lunch break away from your cube so you can focus on what you’re eating to help avoid overeating due to distraction.

In addition, tell your work friends that you’d prefer their support, not their chocolate. Find a lunch buddy with similar goals or pair up with a walker during the lunch hour or breaks. Being at work doesn’t have to mean caving in to bad habits; it can be about establishing good ones.

How do you get the better of all that office food?

Adapted from my MyPath post here.

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