The Donors Choose Project

Be No. 1... Give to Public Schools in Need! - Go to is an online charity that helps connect you to public school classrooms in need all over America.

Think of what you grew up with in your school system. Did you have books, pencils, desks? Opportunities to try a musical instrument or paint a picture or look through a microscope?

Whatever you had–or whatever you didn’t have–think of what kids today are facing in some areas of the country.

Now think of what you can do to help open that door to learning. Sometimes all we need is just one person to believe in us and give us that helping hand.

I first came across DonorsChoose in 2007, where I helped fund a classroom project called Harlem Renaissance: An Awakening of the Soul that really spoke to me, as it sought to bring great “old” music to kids of moderate poverty and help them relate the past to the present.  Thanks to other donors, this project was successfully funded.

As an added bonus, DonorsChoose gave me “philanthropy credits” to go toward another project, and this time I picked the visual arts where funds were extremely limited: Color Me Beautiful. Sometime later, I received a pack of letters and pictures from the teacher and kids in the class that totally blew me away. I hadn’t done it for any gratitude; I just wanted to help this new generation.

Pretty cool experiences!

This week I received an email on behalf of DonorsChoose:

Bing will give you $5 to help a classroom in need. Pretty cool, huh?

Bing actually hopes to donate a total of $1 million to public schools, but can only do so with your participation. Go to, where you can unlock $1 at the click of button. With just one more step, Bing will send you a $5 gift code to support the classroom project of your choice.

You previously supported a classroom project on Now, pick another project that speaks to you, and donate on Bing’s dime!

You’ll make this a very happy holiday for students and teachers.

I haven’t heard of Bing until now, but I am heading over to see what I can do. We all know that big projects are made up of little steps. Every $1 helps. And you feel really good while doing it.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday season!

3 thoughts on “The Donors Choose Project

  1. I know your intentions are good, but you are really making these people who “work” at very happy:

    CEO: $160,000
    CFO: $150,000
    COO: $135,000
    CTO: $135,000
    VP1: $125,000
    VP2: $125,000
    VP3: $110,000

    The proof is at

    Your donations buy these people a new Lexus or Cadillac.

    They hide their massive salaries under “processing and advocacy of classroom projects” and don’t show them as “overhead”.

    Their pie chart ( looks like they have very low overhead because they lump their hugely inflated salaries together in blue with the money that actually goes to the intended recipients.

    Please don’t support this “charity”.


    • I will certainly look into that, thank you for the information!

      Looking back, I am glad I supported a few projects when I did, because it felt right at the time. And the recipients got what I wanted them to get, so that was good.


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