Should you put “Job Seeker” in your email sig?

I was just reading a great article on JobMob on why you should have a personal email signature and what you should have in it. Under your name and tagline, you need a title:

Title(s) – if employed, use your current job title. If you’re currently unemployed, list your profession.

Do people also put “Job Seeker” as a semi-subtle way to get that across, or does that smell too much like desperation?

12 thoughts on “Should you put “Job Seeker” in your email sig?

  1. It’s worth asking. I doubt there’s going to be an easy-to-recognize consensus on this, but personally, I think it might smack of desperation to some.


    • I’m thinking you’re right. It works better on a Twitter bio because there’s limited room and people are used to getting what you’re after in a nutshell, and it’s useful on LinkedIn, but the email sig might just be a bit too much.


  2. Well, I’m not rushing to add a signature with “job seeker” to my e-mail account. Hadn’t seen it suggested before, but I’m seeing a lot of new things in the confluence of social media and a down market.

    It takes the edge off desperation if you specify what kind of job you’re seeking… So if I did it, I’d make myself “Seeking administrative support position” not just “job seeker.” It suggests focus and expertise, as opposed to “I’ll do anything for a buck.”


    • *waves* I’ve seen you on our #careerchat! Thanks for participating!

      I like your solution too, it packages what amounts to a partial branding statement with the fact that yes, you are available for hire.


  3. I don’t think I would do it. Although it is diminishing, there is still a slight bias on the part of employers toward those who are employed. The other thing is that many people have taken jobs over the last year that are less than ideal for them. Employers know this and now see everyone as fair game and somewhat available.

    I would want my signature to state something positive about the contribution I can make rather than my employment status.


    • That’s a very good point about the employment bias. And you’re right–better to put a positive spin on what you can provide than just to leave it at what could be an off-putting effect from “job seeker.”


  4. I say ABSOLUTELY! I put Job Seeker (with an appropriate short description of my skills) on EVERYTHING while I was looking: name tags, e-mails, sandwich boards, business cards… you name it, I branded it HIRE ME. I don’t think there is a person in the tri-state area that didn’t know I was actively searching and ready to chat about it, and that helped land me not only a job, but networking opportuntities, consulting work and great contacts.

    Some of your commenters cite “desperation” well I call it open translucent honesty. Live your brand.


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