Taste Bud Satisfation: So Delicious: Coconut Milk Yogurt

Because dairy’n’me don’t mix anymore, I try to stay away from having an excess amount of it. In other words, I try not to hoover it up in the name of taste bud satisfaction.

This doesn’t always work so well with cheese (extra-sharp cheddar, smoked Gouda, Camembert…), but it does on yogurt.

My faithful Super Lactase Enzyme is wonderful when I want to indulge, but something about taking a pill to enjoy yogurt just rubs me the wrong way. Yogurt is full of all the GOOD bacteria, after all. Arrgh!

I’ve tried a soy brand before, but whether it was because I mistakenly expected it to taste like real yogurt or because the blend wasn’t tasty in the first place, it just wasn’t for me, so that was it as far as fake!yogurt was concerned. And as I can get all that beneficial bacteria through other means, so why should I complain?

Then I stumbled on So Delicious yesterday. There it was, beaming at me from a shelf separated from all the other yogurts.

First two things I saw:

  • Dairy Free / Lactose Free
  • Soy Free

Second thing: Made with coconut milk.

Third thing: Strawberry Banana.

Was it a combo of all three or the last one that swayed the balance? I may never know, but despite the admittedly pricier price, it followed me home and I had it this morning.

First impressions: Holy hermetically-sealed lid! I made the mistake of popping the lid off toward me. After I cleaned everything off, I took my 1st spoonful.


Creamy, smooth, exotic tang blended throughout. I didn’t miss regular yogurt at all. I didn’t miss anything, in fact, as I concentrated on getting every last drop of it.

I think this brand–at least this particular flavor–is worth getting again. It seems like the Vegan Guinea Pig thinks so too, with a caution on other flavors and that darn price tag again.

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Taste Bud Satisfation: So Delicious: Coconut Milk Yogurt

  1. Hi Becky! Thank you for the tasty review! After a few of our own mishaps, we discovered the secret to opening those tricky lids: Turn it away from you and open it just a wee bit to let the air out, before tearing it open all the way.

    We’re delighted that you enjoyed the Strawberry Banana flavor so much, and we hope you’ll try some of our other flavors too. (Can we tempt you with Raspberry or Piña Colada?) Please feel free to download some coupons for these or any of your favorite frozen or refrigerated So Delicious Coconut Milk treats! http://bit.ly/qks5s


    • Hi!
      Believe me, I quickly turned it the other way around after the slight sploosh-factor.

      Raspberry was tempting me next. Now that I know where to find these, I will definitely be back to try more. Thanks for the coupon link!


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