How to Go Green In Your Company

Are you “going green” in your life and don’t want to stop when you reach the office?

Even if your company doesn’t have a sustainability program or corporate social responsibility efforts, this Green Economy Post article by Giselle Weybrecht says you can make a big difference by taking the lead and getting involved in sustainability at work.

1. Does your company already promote recycling, carpooling and other programs? If not, why not start your own initiative? This is also a great opportunity to connect with others in your company who have similar interests.

2. Does your company have a sustainability strategy? If one is already in place, see what you can take from it to relate to your own work. Otherwise, just as with the first point, take this opportunity to get together with others who are interested in sustainability and draft a great strategy to follow.

3. How about your own job? Can you go paperless? Bring your own cup, plate and silverware for lunch? Some of these things might sound simple, but looking around for ways to green up your daily work life will uncover a lot of possibilities, such as turning off your computer when you leave, using recycled materials, and even considering carpooling options for your commute.

4. Support others in their activities: Volunteer your time and expertise to help them with their initiatives. Form a community, even if it’s just an email list at first, to pool your resources and know-how to help each other.

5. Share your experience. Going green isn’t just one day’s work. Whether you join an online group, start a blog or arrange to be a guest speaker, sharing the rewards—and the challenges—of your efforts with workplace sustainability will not only help others but will bring great ideas back to you.

Above all, stay positive, but stay informed: Some ideas just might not work in your company, so it’ll be up to you and other interested colleagues to find a solution around it or find something else entirely. Look at other businesses and organizations that are already involved in sustainability for resources and information you can use for your own company.

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