One More Thing You Should Never Say At Work

I’ve talked before about the potential career doom that saying “That’s not my job” or “I can’t help you” can bring.

Here’s another one. Note: The co-worker in this case had been in the office for at least an hour.

Me: “Could you tell me—”
Co-worker B: “I don’t know anything, I just got in.”

Gotta love the unaccountability there!

What have you heard lately that makes you just cringe (or wonder how some people stay employed)?

2 thoughts on “One More Thing You Should Never Say At Work

  1. A story: a co-worker of mine was in the employee restroom, rinsing out her mouth with Scope. Employee B entered and asked Employee A how she was. Employee A didn’t respond and pointed to her mouth, to which Employee B responded “Oh don’t worry. No one really wants to know anyways.”

    Who says that?????


    • Wow!
      I have heard that we are the most “Hello, how are you” nation around. It’s true that the question is often asked as the person passes at the speed of light, but–what a response!


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