The Twitter Follower Conundrum

For the record, I’m a girl, my Twitter avatar is a picture of a girl (me), and I tweet about careers, food, “ecoquisitive” stuff and the occasional rogue apostrophe sighting.  Yet some of the things you come across when looking at the bios of your followers…

  • “I make dating easy for busy men by showing the secrets to attrcting women.”
  • “Made of steel or a high-grade aluminum alloy, boasts capacities of load limits up to 1500 pounds.”
  • “Mahna, mahna.” (Have to admit, I loved this.)
  • “Dear, please help click <NSFW link> in the ad, I will continue to share high-quality articles.”
  • “Follow us on Facebook.”
  • “Helping entrepreneurs launch GREAT companies.” (But their account is private.)
  • “I bring trees to their knees.”
  • “Passion is to fix computer and sell adult toys. Love the great outdoors.”
  • “Building a network of entrepreneurs. Try a FREE FIX <link> natural energy, super fruit fortified tea!”
  • “I am on my iphone 247 tweeting to lots of people!”
  • An SEO company’s account with no bio but over 1000 followers.
  • An account with no bio and no tweets, yet over 1200 followers. Picture optional.

Quality over quantity, follow back everyone, follow a select few—whatever your Twitter philosophy, bios should be taken as just a piece of the Twitter pie when it comes to deciding who you’re going to follow. What’s being tweeted is ultimately more important.

Still, I tend not to follow people back who have nothing in their bios unless I know them personally. Your bio is what gives me a reason to look at your tweets in the first place. The above examples, however, show that there are lots of ways to make your bio stand out, and not always for the better.

For all I know, maybe these people WANT to read about career resources, food, ecoquisitiveness and apostrophes. More power to ’em! After all, unless the account is a bot, there’s a real person in there somewhere…right?

Who are your unlikely Twitter followers? What’s your Twitter philosophy?

Incidentally, I ran across this fun post while looking for a picture for my post: 5 Ways To Get A Celebrity To Follow You On Twitter.

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