Olympics-Scale Dog Massacre


Because bookings slumped for a dogsled tour company following the Winter Olympics, they had to cull their dog herd. A vet refused to euthanize the healthy animals, so an employee took matters into his own hands. And shot them.  

And the part that gets me the most, almost beyond the appalling idiocy of this act, is that while each dog was shot, one by one, the other dogs were watching. And oh yes, they knew what was going on. Perhaps the frenzy of the dogs watching the others die, waiting their turn, knowing it would come to them distracted the person’s aim, because sometimes, he had to shoot them twice. 

The story gets a bit worse than this, and I’m not here to force you to read it. Once you hear something like this, it becomes a part of you and you can never quite un-hear it, as a friend so pithily puts it. My real purpose in posting about it is to add another voice that will hopefully get through to people who do things like this, who think it’s all right, who draw dangerous distinctions between what’s considered a worthy life and what’s up for grabs, who don’t think that even the slightest death affects us all, “man or beast.”  

Because I don’t care if the animal is considered beautiful or worthy of humankind’s attention or any of the other adjectives that even the best of animal-rights activists like to attach to reasons for not committing the unthinkable. You just don’t DO something like this.

These links will tell you more:

Note: Signature goal for the petition was 7,500. At the time of this posting, they’d reached 74,828. Awesome.

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