What’s Your 2011 Career Search Action Plan?


Have you started off 2011 with a solid career plan or are you stuck in the slow lane without a clue? If you could use a few pointers for keeping you and your career on track, 0ur Twitter #careerchat has you covered with great tips from our fabulous tweeters.

Take it from @Careerbright: “Career action plans must be PROACTIVE, not REACTIVE.”

Q1: What are the main components of a career action plan?

  • @myFootpath: I break mine up into time frames: 6 months, 1 year, 5 years
  • @KCDEE5: Where you are, where you want to be and the plan is how you are going to get there
  • @Careerbright: As with any plan – career action plan must be SMART – specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely
  • @SaleStart: First you need to do some soul searching to determine your career goals
  • @DaveYouTern: Company research. Set goals. Periodically review milestones to track progress.
  • @LangfordDeb: Breaking down a large goal: finding a job, into managable steps is the beginning of a career plan
  • @MyPath: I like looking at the LI profiles of people who do what I want to do. Great info on how to get there.
  • @YouTernMark: Figure out what you want, then make SURE that is REALLY what you want. Volunteer, intern, job shadow.
  • @Careerbright: Flexibility must also be accounted for in your action plan, be ready to CHANGE & EVOLVE with the flow
  • @LangfordDeb: Researching your options can include blogs, industry or fcn specific websites, career databases thru public libraries.

Q2: How do you get started on putting together an action plan?

  • @degreestoday: First, you have to know WHAT you want.
  • @myfootpath: A career action plan should specific steps with a built-in reward system. It will keep you focused and motivated
  • @MaggieMistal: Brainstorm all the action steps to get from where you are to your goal, break down larger steps, put to timeline
  • @Careerbright: I think there is no ONE tool or even two that can help you get it rolling – it’s a PROCESS
  • @MaggieMistal: MyGoals.com is a site that helps w/preplanned steps/programs 4 career & other goals
  • @MyPath_MP: You might want to use sites like the @Vault or @glassdoordotcom to help you research
  • @kcdee5: Assess skills, find ones needed, how 2 learn them, how to market once you have them
  • @myFootpath: My planning tools: colored sharpies, a 16 month calendar, lots of scratch paper, and Pandora
  • @ALKUTech: Networking & establishing key relationships should be at the top of the list. It’s one of best ways to achieve your career goals
  • @LangfordDeb: Conduct info mtgs with colleagues and referrals of people who have the job you are after. Learn how they got there!
  • @Careerbright: 1. Explore occupations 2. Explore your current skill set 3. Delve deeper to know what you WANT
  • @MaggieMistal: Track progress and be honest about what’s getting in your way – fear, lack of motivation, etc. Mindset is key to success

Q3: When do you need to adjust/revisit your action plan?

  • @myFootpath: When a revolution shakes your industry, it’s time to revisit your career action plan.
  • @ComeRecommended: Review it constantly…not just when things aren’t going to plan.
  • @KCDEE5: Whenever you attain an original goal, you need to reevaluate, you need an if/then philosophy
  • @degreestoday: You should look over it often, even it’s just quarterly. If you have gone astray, it’s time to kick it back into motion.
  • @Careerbright: Know your PERFORMANCE EVALUATION system-V. imp. thing to do to keep track of career action plan as an employee
  • @dianaantholis: Action plans are fantastic, but don’t let it overwhelm you. It should be an invigorating process to go thru.
  • @KCDEE5: Do you stick to the same profession or change completely? if the same is there growth potential, if not change!
  • @StartWire: If you are designing own career plan, better chance of success if you let people you trust know your targets.
  • @LangfordDeb: Part of your career plan should be updating your resume with recent accomplishments routinely so you don’t forget them.

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