Dress for Success From the Inside Out

When you’ve scored an interview, mastering the answers to the kazillion possible interview questions is just the start.  You need to make sure you’ve got your best-dressed self on too!

But it doesn’t stop with what you’re wearing: Your attitude can make or break that first impression. Our Twitter #careerchat found that being aware of what your image is saying about you can propel you to success, from the interview to the job to beyond.

Key takeaways:

  • In an interview, you are marketing yourself to a potential employer.  Make sure the first thing they see is the image you want to project for the job.
  • Good posture will make any piece of clothing look better.
  • A suit doesn’t automatically guarantee you are dressed for success. You need to be professional: Show your confidence and let your skills shine through.
  • Dressing well suggests you take pride in yourself and your work. If you don’t take care of your own image, how do you expect others to trust you to take care of their business?
  • The way you dress helps you become visible. In a highly competitive global job market this is a key to put you on the map.
  • You only need a few key items to achieve a well-polished, put-together look. Don’t break the bank over trends.
  • Interview attire is not about ideology. It’s about getting the job.


Special thanks to @Workway, @WhatsWithDiane, @davidgaspin, @wjkievit, @myFootpath, @PushJobs, @SaleStart, @dianaantholis, @AnneMessenger, @talentculture, @kimincuse, @lowesrecruiting, @WomensAlly, @YouTernMark, @theantiresume, @ComeRecommended, @bcoelho2000 and @Setsights.

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Adapted from my post on MyPath.
Pic from here.

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