Professional Communities & Your Personal Brand: Making You, Inc., Shine

Are you making the most of your online reputation?

I don’t mean just maintaining a positive, employer-friendly presence on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. You want to make sure you’re saying loud and clear just how valuable you are.

But how do you get the point across without making it seem that you’re all about me, me, me?

One great way to demonstrate your expertise: Joining an industry-focused online community. You not only expand your own professional network, but by helping others through their concerns, you’re showing the knowledge that employers are looking for.

George Krautzel (@GeorgeKrautzel), president and CEO of, joined us for a Twitter #careerchat about best-practice professional communities.

Key takeaways from the chat:

  • Niche communities in your industry let you showcase your knowledge and networking with your peers. Through your contributions, you build your reputation within your area of expertise.
  • When you join a group, look for ways to engage with others. Take time to learn the style, tone and level of expertise. Answer a question, share experiences, solve problems, and collaborate on topics where you have expertise.
  • Be genuine, helpful, respectful and open-minded. The rules of engagement don’t change just because you’re online. Treat people as if you are in person.
  • Even if you joined to get leads for a new position, move beyond “job” and think “career.” Participate to acquire knowledge, help others, benchmark yourself against peers, and build a network.
  • Position yourself properly: Have a strong, clear and accurate representation of your personal brand and value proposition. For recruiters, the big benefit of utilizing best practice communities is to source candidates they can more easily validate.


Special thanks to @laurenkgray, @PaigeHolden, @JohnAntonios, @WriterChanelle, @myFootpath, @SaleStart, @socialskipper, @ASQ_Trish, @michmerc, @kbaumann, @ManpowerProUS, @Beamena, @CareerAction, @manpowerus, @olivia67rae, @THO_R, @PushJobs, @talentdiva and @MaggieMistal.

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Adapted from my post on MyPath.
Image taken from here.

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