Writing a Better Resume


Even with all the networking, personal branding and social twittering that keep the internet alive and well, your resume can still be the first impression of you that recruiters and employers have, whether a paper copy lands on their desk or they’re scanning your work history on LinkedIn.

So what’s your resume saying about you?

Our Twitter #careerchat went beyond the basics of resume-writing with career coaches Laura Parrino Byxbe from Right Management (@LauraByxbe), Donna Svei from AvidCareerist.com (@AvidCareerist) and recruiting experts Jenny Mayotte and Jill Kempka from Manpower (@ManpowerProUs and @manpowerus). We discussed traditional and non-traditional approaches (such as the video resumes), how to handle employment gaps, and tips for making yourself stand out from the crowd.

Quick takeaways from the chat:

  • Don’t send a generic resume. Tailor your experience and qualifications to the requirements of each position.
  • Skip the objective: The reader already knows why you’re applying.
  • Include soft skills that make you stand out from your peers, such as the “technician with great people skills.”
  • Remember, the best format is the one preferred by the hiring manager. Make it easy for them to find out who you are and what you provide.
  • Quantify your accomplishments. Use numbers and percentages to help showcase your results.
  • Include links to your website, blog, LinkedIn profile and any other relevant resource in your contact details at the top. Double-check to make sure they work.


Special thanks to our top participants: @kimkabob, @AnneMessenger, @DrWoody, @myFootpath, @AnneMessenger, @Kblennon, @jwarrenny, @Beamena, @ComeRecommended, @navitasHR, @chriskongsvik, @Salestart, @laurenkgray, @inspiredtrain, @kbaumann and @rockthehunt.

Job seeker? Just want to get ahead in your career?

Join our Twitter #careerchat Tuesdays @ 12 PM CT to talk about everything from friending your boss on Facebook to personal branding to how to get a call back from recruiter.

How to join: Go to Tweetchat.com and follow the hashtag “careerchat” at noon CT every Tuesday!

Adapted from my post on MyPath.com.

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