Tastebud Satisfaction: Amy’s Indian Mattar Tofu


Oh, Amy, you did it again.

Golden lentils. Curry. Basmati rice. Tofu. Tomatoes. Onions. Peas. The non-dairy, gluten-free answer to Muttar Paneer, what we have here is perfect for a work lunch: Amy’s Indian Mattar Tofu.

I’ve invested in several of Amy’s microwaveable meals lately, and while microwaving isn’t the most macrobiotic thing to do, I’m kind of stuck with it at work, unless–god forbid–I make more time to make more healthy, non-microwaveable lunches myself.

Right. In the meantime, check this out: Loaded with organic ingredients and coming in at a cool 280 calories, the 680mg of sodium is a little high but guarantees the flavorful, spicy taste I expect from a dish with “curry” in the ingredients. The rice, peas, onions and tofu top the ingredients list, with tomatoes and mung dal (lentils) next and garlic a little further down. Ginger, turmeric and a surprise appearance by jalapeno peppers bring up the rear.

I had this for lunch just today and was eagerly spooning up every last bit. I highly recommend!

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