#HFChat, Internships and Making the Job Work


Every Friday on Twitter, job seekers, recruiters and career advisors tune in to #HFChat. This hour-long Twitter chat (starting at 10 AM CDT) makes up an integral part of the #HireFriday phenomenon, where job seekers tweet their essential professional facts or retweet others in the hopes of being seen by a recruiter or employer. You can find out  more through the amazing Margo Rose.

Recently the topic was on internships, and I wanted to share a few nuggets that really stood out:

  • @digibloomwest: Allow the interns to select one passion project where they are responsible for its success.

This is excellent advice–for interns! Only don’t wait for your boss to bring this up; figure out something you really want to do that aligns with the company’s or department’s direction, make a plan, and present it. The worst that can happen is they’ll say “No.” Either way, you’ve shown yourself to be that all-important self-motivated person.

  •  @Brittle_B: Never burn any bridges, no matter how much you dislike them or how difficult a person was to work with.

If you learn this now, you’ll remember this throughout your entire career: DON’T BURN BRIDGES. Ever. No, not with the executive assistant who “runs” the department with a waspish tongue, or the Whiny McWhinerson co-worker who takes out their negativity on you.

It can be very tempting to indulge in a little revenge when you’re done with the internship, but here’s why you shouldn’t: You never know what’s going to come back and bite you, you never know who’s watching you, and you never know who knows whom. Social media makes our small world smaller. Make sure you’re seen as someone people want on their team.

  • @YouTernMark: Managing an intern is just as much about your ability to motivate & provide leadership as it is theirs.

As an intern, you need to show leadership qualities and stay motivated even if you find yourself in Slacker City with a clueless boss. How? Ask if you can help the co-worker in the next cube with a project. See if you can do a “walk in shoes” with another department. Find out if the company allows interns to join committees. These are just three ways you can make yourself a noticeable part of the company.

You may only have a few short months to “prove” yourself, so try to find a way to show what you’re made of every day!

What tips do you have for making your internship shine?

2 thoughts on “#HFChat, Internships and Making the Job Work

    • I’m always glad when I have time to peek into a chat, and doubly so when there are great people like you also there!


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