R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Has it Changed at Work?


One of my friends just asked me, “Is this the new normal–not having respect for employees?”

Tim* has been in the same industry for several years, and likes the field he’s in. Yet a pattern seems to persist.  In job after job, it isn’t long after he’s hired that his boss starts adding on duties from other jobs that don’t really align with the original job description–or Tim’s personal goals.

“It’s as if they say, ‘Oh, you’re good at this job–now do this entirely different job too,” he said.

But since this has happened in the last few jobs, what Tim doesn’t know is if the problem’s with him–or them.

This goes a little beyond micromanaging. A lot of companies are still more interested in increasing productivity than hiring new people.

Do you think the changing economy has affected how managers treat their employees? Is there a widespread issue with respect?

*Name changed

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