The Top 50 Twitter Accounts Job Seekers MUST Follow!

Wow. I feel truly honored today. I found out I was included on The Top 50 Twitter Accounts Job Seekers MUST Follow! (as @bbenishek)–the kind of inclusion where I always feel surprised, humbled, and grateful. I try to pass on resources and lend a helping hand to people at any stage of their career, and it’s wonderful to know that it works. I met so many great people when I used to co-host #careerchat in an earlier job, and I’m so glad I’ve kept up with that part of my life.

The Savvy Intern is an incredibly resourceful blog on I encourage you to bookmark it, read it, follow it even if you are nowhere near being an intern on any side of the career scale.

Great advice is great advice, and it’s no secret that we all could use a refresher on the fundamentals of getting ahead in our careers from time to time. So go through the list and load up your Twitter feed with priceless career and job search resources! And don’t forget to add the masterminds behind





2 thoughts on “The Top 50 Twitter Accounts Job Seekers MUST Follow!

  1. Becky, thank you for the generous mention! We know that the transition to the real world can be challenging at times. We’re happy for the opportunity to make these challenges a little less burdensome for young people.

    Matthew T. Forrest
    Social Media Marketing Intern, YouTern


    • My pleasure! If I were still in college, I’d want resources exactly like your site to help with that transition, especially now.


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