Klement’s Goes Gluten-Free


I don’t know how national Klement’s Sausage Co is, but if you’ve grown up in Milwaukee, it’s practically a birthright.

I grew up with them (so to speak) and even as a mostly-macrobiotic now, I still love a good hot dog or Polish sausage or brat every now and then. You know how you can grill them until they’re just crispy enough on the outside so that you feel your teeth break the casing, and the succulent flavor covers your tastebuds? Yeah. Good times.

Among the sausage love is the liverwurst love. Liverwurst on saltine crackers, liverwurst with a big slab of tomato on a sandwich…where was I? Oh yes: We noticed recently that their Milwaukee Liver Sausage had a new label, touting gluten-free and no MSG where you can’t miss it, but it wasn’t until this article in the Shepherd Express that we realized the change was a widespread healthy makeover.

How awesome is that? I can vouch that the liver sausage tasted really good. You sure won’t miss the MSG, or the annoying nitrates and nitrites. So good for Klement’s, and good for us!

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