Learning Curve

Is there a slide rule in the house?

Transparencies on an overhead projector. Word processors. Commodore 64. Apple IIE. Solar-powered calculators. TI-81 graphing calculators. All the tools we use for learning, each one sparkly and new, then so often discarded for newer, better, or just more sparkly goodies.

Whether you’re long out of school and career-focused, (un)happily retired, going back for a Master’s or about to graduate for the first time, do you ever long for the “good old days” of the gadgets you grew up with? Or are you glad we’ve got so many options to pour knowledge into our heads?

This infographic, shared by DougPete, shows a fascinating array of learning through the (relatively recent) ages up through the ease and connectivity of the internet.

Without this backbone of learning tools, would social media–social learning–ever have been as useful as it can be today?

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