Twitter Idiocy

It happens way too much.

“Becky, check out <link scrubbed> and find the newest job openings quickly – filter to Milwaukee and Marketing or IT! Good luck”

Disguised as a reply, every day I get some kind of non sequitur message like that. I know, spam (and recreational grammar) is part of the price we pay for easy-access social media platforms–there’s no free lunch–but seriously: Do people get followers from this? Click-throughs? Respect?

Had this person bothered to pay attention to any of my tweets, he’d know I’m not in need of a “good luck” message for a job search right now.

Nor do I appreciate this tweet piggybacking off a #HireFriday tweet I did for a friend who could actually use a job. He should have sent that tweet to the person I’d mentioned instead of to me.

But you know what? I’m going to turn it around. I’ve already blocked the spammer, so to do something much more positive, here’s today’s #HireFriday tweet for someone who would make any company shine.

Do you know someone who deserves this great person on their team?

Wordsmith. Community mgr. Strategic rockstar. Proven success. #RECRUITERS: #HireFriday @ed_han:

2 thoughts on “Twitter Idiocy

  1. Holy cats. Becky, you’re just way too darned cool for words.

    And I’m blushing so hard right now, I’m the color of Mars!


  2. Ed, I’d said it before, but you just ROCK. You’re one of those rare individuals who makes a person smile just through your online presence!

    Good thing Mars has water, eh? *grin*

    Take care.


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