Tastebud Satisfaction: Gardein Thai Trio


Yes, you read that right: That’s Gardein, for Garden + Protein.

I picked up Gardein’s Thai Trio on a whim, wondering if this little box of meat-free protein (chick’n), 8 veggies and basmati rice claiming it was a single serving really would be filling, let alone tasty.

It’s fantastic. There is a long list of ingredients, but you can understand every one. I didn’t miss real chicken at all,¬†both because of the quality of the protein¬†and because of the optional pepper and curry sauce I doused it with. So tasty!

I could have eaten much more, but that was my tastebuds talking. The company is right about the serving size; this little box really is a complete meal, even though restaurants would have you believe you need a plateful bigger than your head.

Thai Trio can be microwaved or boiled in its pouches and contains wheat, coconut and soy.

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