Where do you go to find out more about someone online?


@DabneyPorte: One simple way to check out who you are tweeting with is to go to their Facebook page.

This tweet intrigued me, because my first stop would be whatever website is linked from the person’s Twitter bio, which is usually LinkedIn.

I brought LinkedIn up to Dabney, who if you haven’t looked her up already, is the founder of #SMmanners (social media manners), #SlumberParty and co-founder of @SMgirlfriends, all of which support, engage and delight, and are just what we need in today’s webified world. Do check out Social Media Girlfriends too.

@DabneyPorte: Interesting how “true” snapshots (and pics) are on Facebook though….many are not what they seem.

That’s for sure!

She went on to say:  If someone here does not want to connect on Facebook…then the connection can’t move forward. I’ve learned much.

My personal policy is to keep Facebook as private as I can, because for me it’s an oasis to relax with people I actually know and family members (er, that’s not mutually exclusive). It’s like a salon, the way people can jump into conversations and be on the same wavelength. Ever been part of a thread on childhood toys? Fascinating.

So if I find myself talking with distant Twitter buddies on email or on the phone, then I might decide to accept an “online” friend into my Facebook because that’s helped build trust and rapport.

That’s kind of how I view it in reverse, too; even with added trust and rapport, I don’t expect someone I’ve never met face-to-face to add me as a Facebook friend. But that’s just me.

And as Dabney says (she’s a very smart woman): We all have our differences in the how of social media. But the core components must stay intact. You are who you tweet with.

So tell me…

What sites do you rely on to find out more about someone you meet online? Do you add friends you make on one social media platform to all your social media platforms?

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