Bullied Forever?


Bullying can’t ever be stamped out.”

That was on one of my Facebook pages over the weekend.

  • You may be in school.
  • You may be at work.
  • You may be the victim of bullying right now.
  • Your son or daughter may be cyberbullied.
  • You may never have been bullied but know someone who has.
  • You may even be a bully yourself.

Maybe bullying can’t be “stamped out” for keeps, but it can be decreased, maintained, and controlled with education, awareness and training.

Is there hope for reducing bullying–even to stamping it out? Or are we doomed to repeat bullying history?

Go here to weigh in, or leave your comments below.

3 thoughts on “Bullied Forever?

  1. Oh, I think that the answer to this one is fairly obvious. No bullying can’t be stamped out. But, sexual assault and domestic violence can’t be either. Neither can homophobia or racism. However, the fact that none of these things can be completely stamped out doesn’t abdicate our responsibility to do our best! But, this is a common excuse for doing nothing. Thanks for bringing it up.Great post!


  2. Exactly! Too often we get discouraged because we can’t see all the way to a utopia-like end for something like bullying. But no progress was ever made without someone saying “I can,” even if countless others have given up (or don’t want you to try).

    And while human nature is a bit tricky to deal with when it comes to such progress, saving just one person from a bad situation is always worth it.

    Thanks for commenting!


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