Where’s your sunny spot?

We met this hognose snake in Kettle Moraine over the weekend. He had been trying to cross the road when Mr. HouseofBeck’s foot appeared perilously close to his head.

Snake: Um, HISS?
Mr. HouseofBeck: Whoa!
Snake, puffing himself up: Yeah, you know it!
Me: You’d better cross now while you have a chance, Snakey.
Snake, deflating: Well, all right…fine…but only because I want to. *slithers on*

Otherwise, the area was completely deserted and perfect for wandering at will…

…until this little toad informed us that we were not supposed to be here, ack!

Can you spot the toad?

Kettle Moraine is one of many great places we visit to enjoy the weekend for all we can. It always goes so fast!

Where’s your sunny spot when you want to get away from it all and recharge?

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