Tastebud Satisfaction: Snapea Crisps


Uh-oh, I’m out of Snapeas again.

I went through the last bag in three days and my latest bag in two days. I’m trying to be healthy, so I only buy one bag at a time.

I really should have known better.

Exquisite little peapods-in-a-bag, light yet satisfying crunch, perfect touch of salt…oh yes, Snapea Crisps from Calbee are my latest Tastebud Satisfaction.

The first ingredient is “green peas” and the last is Vitamin C. What can go wrong? Baked in their peapods, they’re coated with a light dusting of salt that’s the perfect counterpart to the light yet satisfying crunch. No worries about knocking teeth loose here!

If you never liked frozen shelled peas (I didn’t), you’ll love these. If you’re on the fence about fresh peas-in-peapods, you’ll want to try this brand.

And if you love peas to bits, Snapeas are definitely for you! If, that is, I don’t buy them in bulk right now.


4 thoughts on “Tastebud Satisfaction: Snapea Crisps

  1. Well, now I’m hungry! Sounds like a great snack! I buy the SteamFresh Sugar Snap Peas and bake them with seasoning. I would imagine they’re very similar (and just as delicious, but hot!)

    Thanks for sharing, Becky.



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