I didn’t want to walk today…

…but I did it anyway.


Logically, I knew I should. I need minutes to track, a team to inspire, and my own personal health goals to achieve. Yada yada yada.

Yet the reasons not to go seemed far more comforting, as if giving in to them would be like pulling a warm blanket over me on a chilly-snap day. With a favorite book and a mug of hot cocoa.

I’m tired. The fun from the long weekend has worn me out. Today feels like a Monday when it isn’t. I’m hungry and want to eat lunch early. In fact, I just want to eat.

And it’s stupidly crisp out there for the 6th of September, as if the calendar were obeying that gloomy “Summer’s over when school starts!” feeling.

All of these were reasons to keep me inside.

It’s always easy to make time for things we want to do, whether it’s watching a Real Housewives marathon or going on a Taco Bell run or tending your Facebook Farmville.

How you get yourself to do things you know you SHOULD do is quite another matter.

I routinely get caught up in the “should dos” and resent them emphatically. I was starting to resent it today.

But my brain is smarter than I am, and my brain told me to go.

And you know what? My brain was right.

I thought, would I seriously look back on today and think, Gosh, I’m SO glad I didn’t take my 20-minute walk?

Or did I want to look back on today and feel good for getting out while I could in the fresh air and sunshine, using the legs I’m fortunate to have power me on–and more importantly, NOT letting myself down?

Yeah. That.

Next time you’re stuck in the teeth-gnashing, soul-wearying “should dos” for exercising, getting that paper written or that project done, try looking 20 minutes ahead and picturing how you’ll feel after your should dos are done. Chances are you’ll be glad you got ‘er done.

The path I’m glad I took:

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