Why It’s Okay to Get Excited About Facebook

No, I’m not recanting my previous post about complaining; we’re paying for what we’re using one way or another, whether by credit card or streams of information.

And if everyone was satisfied with everything all of the time, we’d never have any progress! There, how’s that for simplification?

But the real point of this post is: OMG TIMELINE.

I haven’t gotten it yet, but I caught the preview on the F8 Developers Conference presentation, and TechCrunch (my new favorite go-to site) has the goods: Here’s What Facebook Timeline Looks Like.

And their pictures are better than the hasty screenshot I nabbed (below), so check that out.

The timeline can be jolting to look at because this is a much more visual way to look at your life–your life on Facebook, that is.  It’s the sum of what you put into the experience.

I’m really comfortable with the existing vertical, linear Profile view, but I can’t help but think this new look is really cool regardless. And if it doesn’t mess with our privacy controls, it’ll stay cool.

Another change is illustrated by this Foodspotting app, part of the overall Lifestyle Apps:

I heard Lifestyle Apps explained like this: Say you like music, and cooking, and running, and other things that don’t connect with each other. There’s no reason why you have to dedicate yourself to one. Grab an app instead–and share the info with your friends.

While I’m not as impressed by this as by the timeline, I’m looking forward to seeing what it’ll do, and how it will affect the business Pages I admin.

That’s part of why I’m in social media in the first place–to check things out, and see how I can use them for the company I work for as well as for myself.

In the meantime, while some of Facebook’s changes aren’t blowing me away, some of these others are, and if the honeymoon ends after I’ve tried them out for myself, well, I’ll find that out too!

Find all the Facebook news on TechCrunch.

Read about what Facebook’s changes may mean to marketers.

Talk about why you’ll freak when you see the new Facebook.

Do a demo of the Timeline and sign up to get it first!

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