Facebook’s Ticker & (Lack of) Privacy

If you’re seeing this message circulating among your Facebook friends, it’s time to re-evaluate:

“Please do me a favor and move your mouse over my name here, wait for the box to load and then move your mouse over the “Subscribe” link. Then uncheck the “Comments and Likes”. I would really rather that my comments on friends and family’s posts not be made public. Then re-post this if you don’t want your every single move posted on the right side in the “Ticker Box” for everyone to see!”

Per Facebook’s Ticker Privacy Scare, this is needlessly time-consuming, gives a false sense of security, and doesn’t really solve the problem, because everyone who has “friends of friends” or “public” as the privacy setting for posts means Facebook not only tells all the people commenting on the post what’s going on, but all of THEIR friends as well.

A better solution is to post this to your Facebook status:

“If you don’t want your actions broadcast to everyone via the ticker/News Feed please set your privacy to “Friends” and ask your friends to do the same. Pass it on.”

Get the full article and find out why here.


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