Tales from the Trail

When you’re flogging yourself to walk because you know you should, despite the drizzle and the below 60-degree temp and the gloom, sometimes you need all the amusement you can get.

I set out today on our walking trail and this is what I found…

First I passed what looked like a moulting party gone wrong,

Then I started thinking I really should graduate to gloves with fingers because my fingernails seemed to be turning blue.

But lo, the flora was bursting with Color Appreciation Day,

And even the unwelcome reservoir on the trail didn’t seem so bad (but who was I kidding?)

Plus, I discovered a premium parking spot!

But it was after this that I heard what sounded like a housewife squawking, and there in the distance on a slight hill I saw two crows in a negotiating war with a hawk.

If you look really closely, two dark blobs against the tree line will prove to be crows. Or not.

Crows: Look, you preening upstart, this is OUR territory!

Hawk: What do you mean, this is YOUR territory, you two-bit carrion-mongerers!

The war came to an abrupt end when the hawk treed the crows on top of a lamppost. The crows started yelling insults and species slurs, but they stayed put, which to me says that the hawk won.

The crows asked that I not show footage of this (they claim it’s a draw) or the hawk so that’s why I don’t have any more pictures…except for proof that I was there!


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