Does my (walking) trail end here?

Today is the last day of our team fitness challenge at work. The minutes will be tallied and the winning team in our company will get cool prizes’n’stuff. For six whole weeks, our team has been logging minutes, boosting spirits and heading ever forward to our goal to win over the other teams in our company. Er, to win for our own good, I mean. 🙂

So besides finishing up the day strong, all I can think is, will I walk again come Monday?

I have a reminder on my Outlook calendar to walk at 10 AM. Even if I didn’t, after these past six weeks, I start getting twitchy at 9:30. I also sit next to a window where I can see the trail winding past below.

There really isn’t any excuse not to keep on walking. If only I wasn’t so good at finding one!

Today tested some of my comfort-loving limits. I stepped outside and was instantly aware that my fall coat was not remotely robust enough, my girly scarf didn’t even pretend to keep my neck unchilled and I’m STILL wearing fingerless gloves like a moron.

Did I want to walk? Not really!

But as I was complaining to myself, I kept my feet moving away from the door, because by gum, I’d had so many good times on this trail, I had to have this one too–especially if it proved to be my last.

It’s a tad windy out…

…so windy that this poor guy collapsed and refused to move another step.

I carefully stepped around him, determined to carry on the torch, though the other side of the trail suddenly seemed so far away.

Still, I kept on, even though my scarf was still doing a lousy job of keeping the wind away, which also seemed to carve off my face (or maybe my cell phone camera has it in for me):

But at least I wasn’t doing as badly as this poor dude, another casualty of the wind.

In any case, this disapproving cow seemed to hurry my steps along,

And then I was back at my building and done!

Yes, the memories of the trail will stay with me…and they might just be enough to get me out there even when there’s no team here.

And after all, SparkPeople is one giant team!

A picture from a more summery time:

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