Tastebud Satisfaction: Deep Indian Gourmet Spicy Lentil Samosas

I love me some samosas. I have a very unmacrobiotic habit of ordering them as an appetizer every time I set foot in an Indian restaurant. And believe me, I know where all the Indian restaurants are in my part of the state.

The samosas I’m used to are plump pastry triangles stuffed with potatoes and peas, and just like with my Snapeas discovery, these are not your ordinary icky peas. Loaded up with just enough spice, I could eat these peas all day.

champaign-taste.blogspot. It's good to know the price is the same!

But as I alluded to above, potatoes are something I shouldn’t overindulge in, which is my shady way of saying I shouldn’t eat them at all, so imagine my delight when my husband came home with a box full of frozen samosas–stuffed with spicy lentils instead!

Deep Indian Gourmet’s Spicy Lentil Samosas. Bake ’em. Use your toaster oven, use your regular oven. All it takes is 400F and 8 minutes. Out comes as a small slice of heaven, little fat triangles all crispy and golden-brown and ready to serve up their lentily goodness.

When you don’t have time to go to an Indian restaurant (or there isn’t one anywhere nearby) and you certainly aren’t going to make your own food because if you had that much time, you’d be at a restaurant, do yourself a tastebud favor and get a box of these. You get 24 in a box! How cool is that?

Of course, I’m assuming you have an Indian or Asian grocery nearby, but if you don’t, parent company Deep Foods graciously gives you an option in the guise of GroceryBabu.com (which is closed for maintenance at the time of this writing).

But a little search yields another (also untested by me) option at GingerFresh.com.

Go get ’em. And yes, you can microwave them too and they’ll still be delicious.

I’m all excited about Indian food now, so here are some recipes at the bottom of this page.

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