Facebook Timeline Rollout Delay


For everyone who hasn’t been looking forward to the new Facebook Timeline, it seems your prayers have been temporarily answered: It’s not ready for primetime yet.

As Facebook Timeline: Negative Feedback May Have Caused Rollout Delay conjectures, it’s the feedback from the early adopters that have ground this happy hamster wheel to a halt, and I think I agree: While the littlest change can have users burning up their online hours with complaints, legitimate or otherwise, the Timeline is no little change. It’s a complete new look and experience. Rolling it out to the masses before evaluating developer feedback would be a huge mistake even for this social media giant.

Me, I got used to the Timeline after having used it for awhile. I find that I generally only use the top half of my screen, with previous posts residing in the nether regions beyond the fold. I’ve gotten good at not-seeing what I’m not using, too.

Are you on the new Timeline? Can’t wait to try it? Wish it would exit quietly, stage left, no fanfare?

One thought on “Facebook Timeline Rollout Delay

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