Mama Angie’s Friday Fish Fry

Oh my goodness. I’ve found the perfect fish fry.

Such a simple, unprepossessing little place, such amazing food: Mama Angie’s Italian Deli in Oak Creek, WI.

I’ve had “Mama’s” subs before. If a sub can be called scrumptious, this would be it. If you like Suburpia or Chocolate Factory subs, or just something that’s not your typical slap-’em-together Cousins or Subway fare, you’ll dig Mama Angie’s subs. I get cravings for these periodically.

And then we discovered the fish fry. Golden-brown is no longer just a color, it’s a TASTE.

Look at that! Four pieces of fresh, moist and flaky cod without that “fishiness” that can drive people nuts, tangy, homemade tartar sauce, bread and butter, and satisfyingly thick fries (off screen) that I shouldn’t have eaten but did and don’t regret it.

I restrained myself long enough to take this close-up just for you before it disappeared:

And look! Caruso’s Legacy Gourmet Root Beer, with REAL ingredients, no high-fructose corn syrup or sucralose! That was an unexpected treat in their cooler.

Trying to be health-conscious? You can also choose baked Sicilian cod, and the name alone is intriguing. The only reason I haven’t tried it yet is because when I’m craving a fish fry, I’m craving a FISH FRY. But I’ll get around to it. I don’t think this deli can go wrong.

2 thoughts on “Mama Angie’s Friday Fish Fry

    • Definitely! At least, that is, in southeastern Wisconsin. I’m not actually sure how widespread it is. I’ve tried many different restaurants around here and the taste definitely varies.

      There are English and Irish-themed pubs that will be a tad more authentic if you want to make sure malt vinegar is at hand…and of course any good Renaissance Faire will have them too!


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