Who I Am Thankful For: You!

Today was supposed to be a day of rest; resting up before the big feast, that is. Soon enough we’ll going to the parents-in-law for Thanksgiving dinner where I’ll be breaking some of my macrobiotic rules in the name of togetherness while we all still can be together. And I won’t mind it a bit.

Then I read Ty Unglebower’s My 2011 MVPs post and to my surprise and pleasure, I was on his list, included in what I consider to be exalted company. I know some of them, some I don’t, but it inspired me to check them all out, because Ty is one of those discerning individuals whose good opinion is valuable to have.

As are his blog post ideas. Suddenly all I could think about was who I’m thankful for, too! I’m taking the liberty of assuming my family knows how I feel (love you all!), so I dedicate this post to my friends.

Every time I think about making friends, I don’t know how to do it. How did I ever? It’s a process I can’t deconstruct and so get panicky, thinking I’ve lost something essential.

But I haven’t. I’ve quoted this before to myself and others, but it’s what Veronica Lake says in The Black Dahlia: “Most of my friends were strangers when I met them.” Sometimes you feel that instant click when you meet a soul mate or a kindred spirit; sometimes you unfold delightful companionship over the course of conversation. All you really have to do is just be there.

One thing I love about the online world is being able to link to the people I’m grateful for. I wanted to do a little shout-out to those who I’ve been in contact with the most over the past year while I make my living online.

Please know that not being mentioned by name means nothing other than I just couldn’t list everybody. In fact, every time I went back to edit, I kept adding more, so that tells you something  (what, I don’t know).

Online Peeps.

Noël Rozny, your writing is a dream–and so are you! Your unflagging support over the past couple years has been phenomenal. You face each challenge as the occasion calls for it with fire and grace, humility and gratitude, and keep your spirits up and everyone else’s just by being you. How fortunate was I to have met you out there in Twitterland, both of us doing our day jobs!

Ty Unglebower, your friendship is something I’m so glad to have. Personable, engaging and refreshingly real, I find myself waiting for your next post, opinion or comment, because even on Twitter you manage to convey such depth and expression that it’s like finding a whole meal when by rights you expected a snack. If you can do that in 140 characters, it’s no wonder you’re such a prolific writer in your own right.

Ed Han, having you in my life has been awesome. Your sunny outlook on life is delightful, and your multi-talented personality is awe-inspiring. I’ve never met anyone so busy and so happy being busy, plus I get the feeling that any project you’re involved in is a winner. Who wouldn’t want to be on your team? If ever I can help for real, I will be a happy person.

Diahann Boock, your generosity and good cheer encompass a most wonderful soul. Your day is jam-packed with maybe a few seconds to sip tea or relax, yet you always take a moment to check in with all of us to make sure things are going well, and I hope you know that we feel the same about you. Let us nurture the nurturer for awhile!

Diana Antholis, not to sound like Tyra but you are fabulous and fierce, and I bow to the use of such adjectives that still only touch on your great personality. You light up Twitter, you’ve got a great story or piece of advice to help any situation I’ve ever heard of in career OR life (and some I haven’t), and your various projects are bursting with multi-colored wisdom. Bring it on, we want it all!

Old Friends.

Nope, not geezers, though some of them may think they are. I couldn’t let a day of thanks pass without thanking this delightful crowd, which includes friends I’ve known since I could walk, friends I’ve grown up with, friends during the idyllic college days and friends I’ve made over the last 10 or 12 (or 15) years. And friends I never see anymore but have gotten to know better because of Facebook, or friends I’ve met through Facebook. Yes, Facebook, even you get a shout-out for bringing some of us back together for such great good.

Lisa W, Jackie, Trang, Jenni, Liz, Adam E, Nate the Great, Priyesh, Hyun, Julie, Anirban, Lori, Andy, Kimmie, Kim, Kelly, Ivan & Cara, Michaela & John,  Kendra & Keith of No LJ, Peter, Dawn & Joel, Linda, Lisa B, Tom R, Satine, Gwenn, Dawn L, Fleur, Adam K, Arnav,  Sunshine, Sarah, Vania, Rahul, Alison, the LJ crowd–I find my hands are unable to keep up with all your names coming to mind, and as most of you are rather hidden on social media and I’d rather not overstep any bounds of privacy or risk missing anyone, I’ll stop now and hope every single blesséd one of you feels my gratitude going out to you.

Work Buds.

“Work friends” is a poor term for people who become “real friends,” but bounded by language as I am, you at least know what I mean. And the overlap, when it happens, is delightful–Heidi, John, Eric, Brian, Greg, Erin H, Erin T, Heath, Mike, Bob–your incredible creativity, camaraderie and awesome sense of fun can make the day bubble on by.

The Whole Gorgeous Lot of You

You’ve all become part of me, friends, family, readers, fans. You’ve brought cherished aspects out of me, introduced wonderful flavor, color and knowledge to my life, and I wouldn’t be the same without you.

Happy Thanksgiving.

P.S. Go read “All My Best Friends” by George Burns. It’ll make you feel warm and fuzzy, and glad to be alive–and wish you knew him when he was.

Picture from writing.com.

6 thoughts on “Who I Am Thankful For: You!

  1. Becky, I am SO HONORED to be included here — thank you! Please know how thankful I am for you, for our friendship, and for all you have taught me. Happy Thanksgiving!! 🙂


  2. You are a very talented writer by all measures, and always manage to make your posts something the majority can relate to on some level, which makes it that much more enjoyable of a read. This, a very nice statement-of-thanks – a block of writing most probably wouldn’t otherwise afford the time or soul-searching to write up individually. Happy Thanksgiving weekend, and I’m glad we’re friends too. 🙂


    • Satine, you are a very valued person in your own right, and I sincerely appreciate you being one of my biggest supporters. Thank you for “being there.” Your words touch my heart.

      And maybe I’ll even see you in person again sometime. You’d think we didn’t live in the same quadrant of the same state! 🙂


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