Tastebud Satisfaction: Amy’s Vegetable Pot Pie

Amy’s Vegetable Pot Pie is so good I forgot there wasn’t any meat in it.

I’m a chicken pot pie person. Even though I don’t eat meat much at all anymore, when I think “pot pie,” I always think chicken. It’s so delicious when crammed in among all those veggies! There’s something so satisfying about lifting out a fluffy triangle of succulent crust and tender pieces of meat and vegetables when you’ve got one of those giant pies at home.

Well, Amy’s gives you the same satisfaction, only without the chicken and just for you, no need to share! This is an organic pot pie, which includes tofu, butter and a generous dose of creamy flavor in the form of turmeric and other spices. It clocks in at only 590mg of sodium as compared to other brands that get into the 1000s.

Potatoes, carrots and peas are the veggies, which are surprisingly filling for one little 7 1/2 oz pie. Don’t let the portability fool you! I found myself breaking apart the entire pastry shell to make sure I got every last bit, it was that good, but I didn’t need to heat up another pie (even though my tastebuds wanted more). I was also very happy that it baked just fine in the microwave since the microwave is all we have at work.

This pot pie is not exactly macrobiotic but it’s definitely vegetarian, definitely delicious and definitely a good pick for an on-the-go work lunch.


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