#Reverb11 Day 31: Reflect

Prompt: Reflect – Take a moment to think back on your reverb11 responses.  Have you learned anything?  What surprised you about this experience?  Which of your responses was your favorite?

Perhaps the most surprising thing about this whole Reverb thing was how natural it felt.

Once I jumped on that prompt-a-day email list, I didn’t look back. I couldn’t. I was compelled to write, marveling at how a simple little word or phrase could unlock portions of myself I hadn’t even known were walled up. However much I’d snarl at the topic sometimes, I knew it–and Reverb itself–was doing good things for me. So I kept going.

That taught me something about myself that I liked. Call it integrity, willpower, bullheadedness; whatever it was, it was working for me and I liked it.

I’ve never risen to this kind of challenge before voluntarily, where you commit to a prompt someone arbitrarily decides for you (and there’s no letter grade involved). Never mind that there’s a whole bunch of “yous” all doing the same thing. Reverb proved to be incredibly personal from the start.

I found it difficult, exhilarating, painful, revealing and so much more–and that goes for the reading of other people’s posts, too. Bless you all for being so open, forthcoming and brave. Knowing one isn’t alone in one’s thoughts is something we all crave, sometimes.

My favorite response was perhaps the most difficult–the one on forgiveness. An intense healing session that turned me inside out, shook me up and put me back together again, only better.

Yet the biggest thing I look back on is my awareness of time.

I’ve often given myself those mental (or vocal) harangues–er, pep talks–about getting up and getting things done, but it makes a big difference seeing those same words looking up at you from your own blog. Once they’re posted, even the friendly blinking cursor goes away, and you’re left with uncompromising text telling you exactly what you’ve been letting slip for far too long.

It’s a crucial moment: Will you acknowledge their truth and act on it, or slip back into yet another year of half-wakefulness and should-dos?

I know what I aim to do, and what I hope will turn out to be wonderful, fruitful, exciting. I hope what you aim to do yields you as good or better a harvest. Whatever part you played, thanks for being on the Reverb journey with me!

By Rad_Ix on deviantart

7 thoughts on “#Reverb11 Day 31: Reflect

  1. No need to thank me, i enjoyed reading your responses. If I learned anything from reverb (2 years in a row now) it was that there are people out there I should be reading and you were one of them. I will be back, and I can’t wait to see what’s next from you. Happy New Year.


  2. Happy New Year to you, Becky! I’m so happy that Reverb brought you into my view! Looking forward to 2012 and reading what you have to say! 🙂


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