#26 Acts: Just Saying Yes

I came back from lunch to an unexpected voice mail: A fan of our Dementia Care Facebook Page had called up our toll-free number to find me. I listened to the message, talked it over with my mentor, and called her back.

Here’s why:

Her mother had passed away from dementia in 2011, and the Alzheimer’s Society where she lived had been exceptional in their care of both her and her mother, including setting up a respite services program.

She and her mother had been exceedingly close, and she missed her every day. She started a small business and Facebook Page so she could donate a portion of her proceeds to the Alzheimer’s Society, both to thank them for their care and to help them help others going through the same thing.

She asked if I’d mind if she posted a link to her Page on my Page in the hopes of directing potential customers her way. She understood if she couldn’t, that we as a business had to be careful about endorsing other businesses.

She just didn’t know, she said, anything about advertising or getting people to know her page existed, and she so hoped to be able to help out the place that had helped her so much.

I said yes. It was that simple to me. From her taking the time to ask me in person (as it were) to her heartbreaking and heartwarming story, I had no problem with her posting on my page, and I told her so.

The gratitude in her voice nearly overwhelmed me.mother_daughter

Not long after, I received this message from her through my Page: “Thank you Becky. You are very sweet. So nice talking to you. Let’s keep in touch.”

All I did was listen and radiate sympathy and support. At the time I didn’t think I did much of anything, really. Yet somehow this meant a lot to her, and finding that out made me feel good—very good.

Without even knowing it, I had done an act of kindness.

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