Hey Brand, Take This Picture Down!

thumbs-down-facebook“Hey [BRAND], there’s something about this photo that bothers me. Would you please take it down? Thanks.”

This is the third such canned message I’ve received in my Facebook Brand Page’s private inbox. I haven’t clicked a “Remove this picture” option yet, but I’m assuming this is what happens when you do.

Facebook provides three options should you click the included “Respond to This Person’s Request” link:

“[Person] wants you to remove this photo. What do you want to do?”

  • Remove it
    Take it off of Facebook
  • Change the privacy settings
    Manage who can see this photo
  • Keep it as is
    Don’t change anything about the photo

If you choose Keep it as is, yet another handy window pops up:

“Hi [PERSON], I know you wanted the photo I posted taken down, but it’s important to me that I keep it posted.”

Fortunately, you can edit this message window, because I think it’s even more of a non-response than the original request. You can also bypass the entire Respond link and just send back a regular private message. I’ve done both, and never heard anything back.

What I’m not sure of is why people are sending these to a brand page. I can understand sending this to a friend who posted an unfortunate picture with you in it, though I’d hope you would take the time to tailor the message accordingly.

The picture involved here was a hospital scene of a doctor conferring with a patient. The caption and link around it involve new regulatory laws to improve patient safety in a specific state. Nothing about this seems to warrant the rather ridiculous message of “something about this photo” bothering a person.

Then again, I’m on the inside looking out. Perhaps this has something to do with the sense of ownership we tend to feel over the brands we follow.

Do you ever send a removal request to a brand? What are your reasons?

2 thoughts on “Hey Brand, Take This Picture Down!

  1. I’ve never sent the request, but one of my friends got one that appeared to have come from me. I’m trying to duplicate it now to find out if my cat could have sent it.


    • Goodness! Although cats can do many strange and varied things.

      I think I may have accidentally hit something like that once when trying to click elsewhere, but I believe there’s a second screen to make sure you’re sure, so I caught it in time.


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