Take the Pledge for Alzheimer’s and Related Dementias!

Take the pledge!

Take the pledge!

“I cry out wanting only for my mother to hold me, as when I was a young child, and comfort me as I snuggle into her arms. I want her to reassure me, that everything will be okay.” – Lisa Hirsch, “Alzheimer’s – My Mom My Hero”

“I am hoping some day I might be some help for someone that has a loved one going through this. I have lived the nightmare of what this disease does.” – Geraldine

There are heartwarming stories too, from these caregivers I encounter every day online. I had someone write in telling me she was happy just to hear her mom yelling at the TV again after a month of silence. I’ve had people in tears because their mom or dad started singing to an old favorite song when they hardly speak at all anymore.

Being a 24/7 caregiver is extremely hard, yet people do it, and still manage to see the good times and hold on to them when they happen.

That’s why I took this pledge to be part of what we’re calling a Dementia Capable Society: It’s an important step, and not just for family or professional caregivers. Alzheimer’s and related dementias show no sign of stopping, and at some point will touch all of us.

We need awareness, we need passion, and we need to get people the skills and training they need to help. Be part of the solution: Help create a Dementia Capable Society.

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