Cluttered Out

Stuff. You can’t take it with you–but we sure try.

I go through clutter-clearing periodically (by which I mean long periods of time elapse between these sudden notions). This time it’s because of the room we just redid. New carpet and fresh paint are working their spring-cleaning magic on me, making me loathe to fill it all up again with everything we’d miraculously squirreled away.

Yet this past weekend, I’ve been slowly getting rid of stuff. By slowly I mean one drawer or box-load at a time, but still. I’m prone to hoarding what can only be described as “miscellaneous,” things that range from objects of actual use to the devilish “might-needs.”

I know all the mantras, such as the one where you get rid of old things so new experiences can come in, and have experienced the  lightening of the spirit when you let something you don’t need go. I like this when it happens.

I still balk at the task more often than not. “Stuff” can have emotional ties that trump any amount of rationalization, so I have to wait until a cleaning fit comes upon me even to contemplate it. That’s dangerous too, because I’ve gotten rid of stuff that causes me a pang later on. Arrgh!

I hope the current cleaning vortex lasts for awhile. What are your tips for getting rid of stuff?

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