Facebook With a Side of Twitter

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Mashable reported that functional hashtags are coming to Facebook. This means all the ones your friends use that look kind of silly because they don’t go anywhere will now go somewhere.

I actually thought this wasn’t a bad move. I don’t post the same content on Facebook as I do on Twitter, and certainly wouldn’t post in the same style, but clickable hashtags could be useful. I like them on Pinterest, for example, to help me find more of the same awesome that I’m currently searching.

Is this a smart decision for Facebook, or just an inevitable one? Should these two social streams collide?

3 thoughts on “Facebook With a Side of Twitter

  1. I think it is the right way for Facebook to go. People use hashtags in conversation (okay, only Hipsters do), so it’s mainstream enough to be here. I’m excited about it for personal and professional use!


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