Do People Take Your Social Media Job Seriously?

social media delight

Here’s a gem from Ragan’s Health Care Communication News: “5 reasons people don’t think social media is a real job. “​

I think I may have been the recipient of some of this reasoning (from others, of course; never you). I do know that my job wouldn’t be as awesome, or as possible, without the rest of my team and the roles they have.

Pulling out one reason:

#3: People confuse social networking and social media. “Confusing social networking and social media marketing is like confusing someone who clicks the TV remote with someone who makes TV ads.”

Yes. There’s a science behind the calculated madness, mixed with a shot of alchemy, a dose of manipulation, and a vestige of shut-eyes-grit-teeth-and-hope-this-works. We’re not just sitting around tweeting for our health. Well, maybe paycheck health.

But I shouldn’t minimize the process. Read the article!

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