When does a tragedy require a social media moment of silence?


I’ll say it first:┬áIs there ever silence in social media?

There isn’t, of course. Somebody is always talking about something. But when it comes to tragedies, it’s not only people that can say too much. Brands can, too.

In 5 Areas to Monitor for Social Media Moments of Silence, while there are no once-size-fits-all rules for all brands, we can’t afford not to think about how we’ll be perceived when we craft a response to a tragedy, even if our response is that moment of silence.

From the post: “Use CNN as your gauge for how much attention a tragedy is broadly getting. The more continuous coverage a tragedy receives, along with a high degree of immediate live coverage, raises expectations for a social media moment of silence.”

Do you agree with this statement? What’s worked for you and your brand?

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