PSA: The Slippery Slope of Hootsuite

All right, so the title’s a little insouciant, or at the very least gratuitous; Hootsuite is serious business for those of us who want to manage our Twitter accounts, not be managed by them. I’ve dabbled with other platforms, but by now I wouldn’t want to run a business or personal account without it.

See, Hootsuite is for everybody:

Still, even this admittedly free service has pitfalls amongst its many charms.

A colleague of mine, Susan Wright-Boucher, loves Hootsuite as much as I do, and is under no illusions about it either. If you use this platform and have noticed a rather disappointing feature, namely that Hootsuite doesn’t show you WHO retweeted your wonderful tweets, then read this to find the workaround.

Thus ends this PSA.

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