Is Your Body Language Telling On You?

Body language, nonverbal communication, quirks, tics: What can you do if you’re going to be judged no matter how many glass houses are around you?

In 7 Things Your Body Language Is Telling Your Boss, the impression you give people–not just your immediate supervisor–can “make or break a deal, business relationship or even your financial success.”

To get to the 7 steps, click the link above. Your posture, handshake, tonal quality, colors you wear, and more can all convey messages you might not be aware you’re sending.

Here’s the soap box.

I’m not saying this information isn’t extremely useful. In our split-second world, we make split-second judgments all the time, often without even noticing–it just seems natural to us, and maybe it is. There’s nothing wrong with helping yourself succeed in the career world by paying attention.

I’d still like to think that we’ll evolve past such instantaneous judgments and damning decisions. It’s not that relying on our instincts isn’t a good call, it’s that seeing someone slouch shouldn’t instantly be evocative of their work ethic, nor should a bright and bubbly smile do the same.

For example, the picture I chose for this post came with a “serious young woman” caption. “Serious” connotes dedication, worth, and others. But to some, she could look disgruntled, off-putting, even mean. So much depends on what we bring to the situation from our own biases and experiences.

It’s worth remembering that you never know for sure what precipitating factors have gone into someone looking or acting the way they do in the limited time you see them in a limited setting, such as the workplace. You should also be aware of your own experiences that make you assign labels or perceptions to others.

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