Jack Benny, Mel Blanc, and Liberty Bottleworks

I started out today with a simple YouTube clip from a famous Jack Benny Christmas episode, sure to strike a cord in those who deal with the holiday rush (and in those of us who witness the holiday rush).

Then I read this post and interview by Redhead Writing about the recent Liberty Bottleworks Facebook exchange with an all-caps customer.

What follows is a fantastic example of a company owner putting his employees first–over revenue, over possible community backlash, over tons of other things we may have come to expect from faceless companies. Instead, the owner’s decision clearly shows how he treats his people AS people, with families and weekends and their own holiday plans.

So enjoy Mel Blanc, enjoy the true leadership shown by Ryan Clark, and take a moment to reflect on how you treat people you work with and expect to work for you, whether employee or clerk ringing up your purchase. I know I am.

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