New NewsFeed Has Unexpected Change


So Facebook has once again changed how its NewsFeed looks, claiming it took our feedback; fine, whatever, right?

Except there’s another change I noticed that I find just a little annoying because I was used to a convenience I didn’t even know I had: The left side of the screen.

In your Home view, the left side is filled with all of your options, from Messages to Events, to Pages you admin, to Groups, Friends, and Apps.

On your own profile page or corporate Pages, the left side nav disappears. I wasn’t just imagining that it used to be there, was I?

Now to get anywhere else on Facebook besides using the Search bar up top, I have to click on Home to get my left side nav back to click to go to another place on Facebook.

More than just a whine until I get used to it? Maybe. I just wonder at the reasoning behind it. There’s a lot of research and logic behind not making customers have to click more than they should to get where they need to go. (And yes, we are Facebook customers even if we aren’t paying for a thing; we’re freely giving all our information to Facebook and countless advertisers.) It just seems a little lacking on the logic side.

One thing I do like is the pop-out window when I click on an item from the right-side ticker on the Home feed. I can respond to a comment without disrupting my scrolling. Not bad!

Has this change hit you yet? Do you even care?

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