“Bullying will never go away!” Why I believe it can

I find I just can’t let statements such as “Bullying will NEVER go away” rest easy.

Insert any issue you like, but take a moment before you believe it as it stands.

Why? Because there are so many things that have changed throughout history that people claimed would never change. So many things we use today that people said would never work. So many things that, if you don’t know your history (or anyone else’s), you take for granted as being perennial. Large or small,

And there are so many people that have turned those “nevers” into “Yes it can,” or “Yes, I can.” But they aren’t always loud about it, and they aren’t always noticed. And with most things, even as it starts with one person, it takes a community to change.

That’s why, as it’s coming up to National Bullying Prevention Month (October), I wrote this post here to herald the #31bullying campaign. I hope you check it out. We’ll cover 31 difference makers in the world of bullying, and 31 resources to help you do more than just sit around and say “never” like an ill-fated raven.

I get that human nature is perhaps the hardest thing to change, so it’ll take time and more than time, but I take heart at the people and the things I’ve seen that work to prevent, manage, and dispel some of these never-changes.

Seeing “This will never change” isn’t being part of the solution. But if it sparks people to do something instead of sitting around with a bunch of nevers, then I am glad for that.

What do you think?

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