Things People Say When You Have a Guinea Pig

When you have a guinea pig, people can say the strangest things. I get a lot of love, too; I appreciate that! But then there’s the other side…

Here are my top 5 things I’ve heard from acquaintances and friends.

  1. “How’s your gerbil? Wait–hamster. Wait–what was it again?”
  2. “You have a GUINEA PIG?” like you’re clinically insane.
  3. Any variation of “They eat guinea pigs in Peru, you know.” Bonus points if the speaker is eagerly watching your face when they say it. Even more bonus points if you get Google links to cuy.
  4. “Why do you keep posting that animal on Facebook? What IS that thing? I don’t want to see it on my Newsfeed.”
  5. “You have a guinea pig? My friends had a guinea pig. It died horribly. Here’s how.” –and then actually getting offended when you say you don’t, really, want to hear it, ever.

Oh well, if we were all the same, how bored would we be?

What things do people say about your choice of pet?



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